Subaru's EyeSight System Provides Superior Safety on the Road

Whenever you're on the road, safety is a paramount issue. You want to know you're getting behind the wheel of a vehicle that values your safety as much as you do. That's why Subaru created the EyeSight safety system.

While many cars make use of active safety systems, few of them access to anything quite like EyeSight. Using a pair of unobtrusive cameras positioned near your rearview, the EyeSight system monitors the road ahead of you. These cameras provide extra information to your vehicle, which in turn can use it provide more responsive versions of systems like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

It also helps with technology like pre-collision braking and pre-collision throttle management. The improved response time that EyeSight offers can be a big boon to these systems in particular. With EyeSight guiding it, pre-collision throttle management can respond to potential obstacle faster. It also helps pre-collision braking slam on the brakes more quickly, that way you have a better chance of avoiding dangerous and costly accidents.

Available on Subaru vehicles including the Crosstrek, Forester, Legacy, Outback, and WRX, the EyeSight safety system provides the added layer of safety your life demands. To find out more about what it can do, contact the sales team at Subaru Superstore. Our location in Chandler, AZ is a proud source of Subaru cars for drivers in Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix and more. We'd love the chance to introduce you to the highlights of our new Subaru inventory.

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