Many vehicle companies talk about "turbocharged" engines, which you will often find described as a crucial component of high-performance sports cars. But, did you know that they come available on many other sedan, crossover and SUV models as well? When an auto manufacturer installs a turbocharger or supercharger on their vehicle's engine it, simply put, means that they installed a compressor that forces air into the engine to allow it to "breathe," thus, running more efficiently and wasting less fuel. Whereas a supercharger is connected to the crankshaft of the engine, a turbocharger runs off of the energy and exhaust wasted by the engine, though both are considered air compressors. A supercharged compressor runs off of the engine power itself, while a turbocharged compressor runs on the exhaust and waste generated by the engine.

You might have heard about all the contributions that turbochargers give to vehicles to increase both their speed and fuel efficiency, you might also be asking yourself if any Subaru models feature these turbocharged compressors. Well, you're in luck, because here at Subaru Superstore of Chandler, we have a number of new Subaru models that feature a brand-new turbocharged version of the Subaru BOXER® Engine. When you test drive one of these 2018-2019 models at our dealership in Chandler, AZ, you'll understand why this type of engine is so high in demand and what it can do for you! We're located just a half hour away from you in Phoenix, so come see us today!

What Are Some Advantages of a Turbocharger?

Well, one of the biggest advantages to having this technology in your Subaru WRX is the significant increase in the vehicle's powertrain and speed. Through allowing the engine to naturally aspirate itself through turbocharging, you'll find that even smaller engines like the inline four-cylinder featured on many of these models, to produce more horsepower and torque despite their size. The Subaru WRX is one of our most well-known sedan models because of its speed and handling, capable of generating over 300 horsepower. The speed of the WRX is made even greater by its turbocharger.

Many people have asked if turbochargers improve fuel economy; seeing as how they run off of engine exhaust, one would think that this isn't too far out of the realm of possibility. Well, it's definitely not and turbochargers do, in fact, improve on fuel economy greatly as smaller engines like the ones found on the Subaru Ascent and Subaru Forester, tend to expend less fuel to begin with and a turbocharger helps the engine to avoid burning through fuel as fast. The turbocharger also adds less mass onto the engine and vehicle as a whole which ultimately saves fuel in the long run. A turbocharged engine is considerably more efficient and produces considerably less carbon emissions because the energy wasted from the engine goes right into the compressor, so it's like the waste is being reused.

Which Subaru Models Have This Equipment?

Thus far, the three most well-known 2018-2019 models in our inventory which include turbochargers in their Subaru BOXER® engines: the Subaru WRX, Subaru Forester and Subaru Ascent. Whether you're craving the need for speed or need a responsible and efficient model for the family to enjoy, you'll definitely love all that these models can do for you! As our name suggests, we here at Subaru Superstore of Chandler have an extensive amount of 2018-2019 Subaru models to choose from, we'll find you exactly the right one that's meant for you and tell you all the ways you can best finance or lease the vehicle with the help of the experts in our finance center. Schedule a test drive and come see us here today at 1050 South Gilbert Road in Chandler, AZ. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give our sales team a call at (888) 859-6735 during regular business hours. See you soon!

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