If you haven't heard yet, Toyota Motor group has increased its family size to include Subaru. If you're concerned about how this will affect future Subaru models, listen up. If anything, this securing of bonds will signify only good things for the automotive industry.

While Toyota is known for innovative ideas and staying on the cutting edge of renewable energy and other forms of environmental impact, Subaru's image has more to do with consistency. What we might expect from this new change in branding will be Subaru having more of a focus on their hybrid and electric vehicles.

Now, just to be clear, Toyota doesn't own Subaru outright - they just have more of a stake in Subaru. To be exact, about 4% more of a stake than they had before. While Subaru is expected to become a Toyota affiliated company somewhere down the line, that isn't the case just yet, which means the Subaru Outback, Crosstrek, and Forester will still remain your favorite models.

This pairing will make it easier for Toyota to incorporate their vehicle technology into already existing and new Subaru models, so that future Subaru's will likely be making use of Toyota's hybrid tech and driver safety features. It's expected by the 2030s that all new Subaru models will also be making use of some form of hybrid of electrical power.

Both Subaru and Toyota are excited about these new developments, as their independent engineers and designers will now be able to pool resources and ideas on how to make better vehicles for people. Both companies are renowned for their innovations and distinctive styles, and if these new developments in company relations change anything, it will only be that both companies have even more well-known reputations worldwide.

Until these developments occur, it'll be hard to know what to expect. Right now, the changes might be too minuscule to even notice. In time, however, it'll be easy to see the subtle changes in Subaru and Toyota's vehicles - all parties involved are confident that those changes will be for the better.

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