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Nothing Like a Turbo Boost for Power and Efficiency in Phoenix's Next Subaru Model!


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Many vehicle companies talk about "turbocharged" engines, which you will often find described as a crucial component of high-performance sports cars. But, did you know that they come available on many other sedan, crossover and SUV models as well? When an auto manufacturer installs a turbocharger or supercharger on their vehicle's engine it, simply put, means that they installed a compressor that forces air into the engine to allow it to "breathe," thus, running more efficiently and wasting less fuel. 

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The Subaru Model Brings Power, Capability and Fuel Efficiency, with More of Each Coming to Phoenix Every Day!

When people go to look for a car, nowadays, fuel efficiency is often the most important quality that they seek. Whether or not that comes in the form of a hybrid model, electric car, or simply just a low-emissions vehicle that can travel much further between stops at the pump, people like you want to know that their car is going to save them money in the long run and give them peace of mind knowing that they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. 

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Kelly Blue Book Chooses Subaru for its Most Trusted Brand Award

Subaru, as a brand, is no stranger to accolades. The builders of some of the most highly regarded vehicles on the road, Subaru's sedans and SUVs have been a growing source of top quality performance for drivers of all sorts. Recognizing the consistent quality of the company's cars, the auto resource Kelly Blue Book has awarded Subaru with its fourth consecutive "Most Trusted Brand" award.

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Subaru Announces Low Starting Price for All-New Ascent Model

2019 Subaru Ascent Will Boast Affordable Price for Numerous Standard Features

The all-new Subaru Ascent will come standard with a slew of innovative features while maintaining an affordable price. Whether you are from Chandler or Mesa, you will enjoy the all-new Subaru SUV for its versatility, capabilities and roomy interior. This vehicle has the ability to seat up to eight passengers and hold everything that you may need comfortably.

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How Should I Spend My Tax Refund On A New Or Used Vehicle?

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It's that time of the year, tax season, and, if you're like most Americans, you should be receiving quite a large chunk of money as a tax return. According to the IRS, the average tax return in America is around $3,000, which is plenty of money to get you on your way to a new, used, or better vehicle!

How should you use your tax refund wisely? Here are five ways that you could spend your tax money on a new, used, or current vehicle.

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The New 2018 Subaru Legacy is Not Your Normal Midsize Sedan

While there may be many new midsize sedans on the road today, none can match the level of value you'll get in the new 2018 Subaru Legacy. With class-exclusive capabilities, two impressive engine options and a bevy of other premium features offered throughout six attractive trim levels, the new 2018 Subaru Legacy continues to sit atop the list of new midsize sedans this year.


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