Subaru Clutch Cable Replacement Service Information

Clutch Cable Replacement Service Information

Reliable Clutch Cable Replacement Service in Chandler, AZ at Subaru Superstore

In a manual transmission, the clutch cable plays an important role. This cable connects the clutch pedal to the transmission gearbox, allowing you to switch gears when you press the pedal. If this cable is broken or damaged, you won't be able to shift and operate your vehicle correctly. For a hassle-free clutch cable replacement service, bring your Subaru in to Subaru Superstore and our experienced technicians will replace the cable using Subaru approved parts, getting your manual transmission back in working condition.

Subaru Clutch Cable Replacement Service

Why Do You Need to Replace the Clutch Cable in Your Subaru?

The clutch cable in your manual transmission has an important job, and it's put to the test on a daily basis. As durable as this cable is, it may need to be replaced eventually to help your transmission work properly. If this cable breaks or is damaged, you likely won't be able to shift gears and you could damage more parts of your transmission.

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How Often Should You Replace Your Clutch Cable?

Clutch cable replacement depends heavily on how much you drive and your driving style. It's best to consult both your owner's manual and a certified Subaru technician if you're concerned. You should also be having it inspected frequently to catch problems early and reduce the risk of it breaking completely.

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