Subaru Clutch Replacement Service Information

Clutch Replacement Service Information

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If you have a manual transmission in your Subaru, your clutch plays a big role in daily driving. You need to have a properly operating clutch to be able to control your transmission, shift gears, and accelerate. If your clutch isn't working properly, bring your Subaru in to our service center at Subaru Superstore and our technicians will inspect it for problems and replace it if necessary.

Subaru Clutch Replacement Service

Why Replace the Clutch in Your Subaru?

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible from sending power from the engine to the wheels. In a manual transmission, the clutch is the only way to engage and disengage gears so you can turn on your vehicle and accelerate. If your clutch isn't working properly, you won't be able to operate your vehicle. Replacing the clutch is then necessary to make your vehicle driveable again.

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When Will You Need to Bring Your Subaru in for Clutch Replacement?

Clutch replacement is by no means regular maintenance, but chances are you'll need to replace it at least once, if not more, over the life of your Subaru. There are a couple signs that you may need a new clutch, including if your vehicle revs but doesn't gain speed quickly when you shift, your clutch emits a burning smell, or you're having trouble shifting. If you're concerned about your clutch, consult one of our Subaru technicians who can diagnose the problem and replace the clutch if necessary.

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To enjoy the best certified Subaru service available in the Phoenix, AZ area, schedule your appointment online. Subaru Superstore is conveniently located at 1050 S. Gilbert Road, Chandler, AZ 85286, and our exceptional service is worth the drive from Mesa or Scottsdale, AZ.

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