Subaru Loves the Earth

We're recycling items you don't use - and loving the earth at the same time.

As part of the Subaru Love Promise, we pledge to actively preserve the environment.  During the month of April, our store will collect any unwanted  electronic waste you may have.  By responsibly recycling this E-Waste, we will prevent toxic compounds from entering our soil and waterways. We invite our customers to join us in protecting our environment.

The first 50 customers who show up will receive a complimentary environmental badge of ownership. Simply bring in those unwanted items to our store.  We'll do the rest. And together, we'll take care of our world.

If you would like to drop off E-Waste items, stop by our dealership in the month of April during normal business hours. Check with one of our employees to notify them you would like to drop off and they will be happy to assist you.

Items Acceptable for Collection                 
  •     LCD Monitors (Flat Panel TVs, Computers)
  •     Cell Phones (Smart Phones and iPhones) 
  •     Laptops *
  •     Tablets and iPads *
  •     CRT's up to 32" (Tube TV or Monitors)
  •     Video Games/Consoles
  •     Fax Machines
  •     DVD/VCR Players
  •     Printers
  •     Computer Peripherals
  •     Switches/Routers
  •     Cords and Wires

Items Unacceptable for Collection

  •     Alkaline Batteries
  •     Ballasts
  •     Kitchen Appliances
  •     Light Bulbs/Tubes

E-Waste Event FAQs:

When can I drop off items for recycling and where?

Anytime during normal business hours from April 1 - 30th, at our dealership you can drop off items. When you visit, find one of our team members for details.

Are there items that are not accepted?

Yes, alkaline batteries, lighting ballasts, kitchen appliances (blenders, toasters, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, etc.),  light bulbs, and florescent light tubes unfortunately cannot be accepted.

Is my private data and information on my hard drive safe if I recycle them?

Yes, we will make sure that all private information is safe before and after dropping off at the E-Waste Recycling Event. Hard drives will be destroyed and otherwise made to be completely inaccessible as part of the recycling process.

What happens to the items I drop off to be recycled?

The items are dismantled and separated. Materials such as plastic, steel, aluminum, copper, precious metals, as well as any reusable components will be removed and recycled as appropriate. Items with private data, such as hard drives, are shredded or crushed.

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